Ship’s log is an onboard book, where the main events that occur during a ship’s sailing are registered. It might be difficult to find the exact moment where Adela starts her own journey on the waves of artistic experiences. Maybe it cant’be defined, maybe there is no need. But the ship’s log that has guided her routes is this navigator that wakes up the need of the trip, the creation.

The materials, techniques, patterns, marry perfectly with the urge to create, the need to express her emotions and worries. Between figurative and abstract expressionism, between what’s concrect and what dissapears, the patterns that define her are born. In the same way, she plays with drawing lines, sometimes the fineness of the line goes across the more blunt shapes and the other way around. We can see how under a hard line there is kindness and tenderness. The human and its contradictions is present in her work., with everything that this entails, without palliative measures. This being the case reflects the the essence of all her work, reflexions, dialogues, and different paths that capture what is born in herself.

This site is born form her determination to have her own “ship’s log” – an openly accessible record of her notes and projects. I hope you will enjoy it as much as I have.

(Olga Taravilla Baquero. Art historian)